Online Timesheet Instructions


STEP 1: Click the project link in your job text and enter password

STEP 2: Enter and confirm your details

STEP 3: Enter your position and hours worked

STEP 4: Supervisor to confirm your time worked


Important Questions

When attending site, bring your White Card and wear all of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). At a minimum you must have; long trousers, a high vis top/vest, steel capped boots and a hard hat. Additional items such as gloves, dust mask, earmuffs and eyewear are always recommended.

If you are running late or you are unwell and cannot make it to site,please contact your manager as soon as possible.

If you are unable to get in touch with them, please call our office on 1300 267 425. This is a 24/7 hotline and can be called anytime.

If you notice any hazards on site or you are asked to do any tasks you feel are outside of your capabilities, please contact your manager.

You are covered under our insurances whilst on site, so if an incident occurs, you must see the supervisor immediately. Please ensure they complete an incident report and it is best you retain a copy too. You must also contact your Amrick manager on the day the incident occurs.

General Questions

We are Melbourne based specialist contractors who are currently providing services to a number of different projects across Victoria, predominately Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Duties on site will vary from project to project, but you will be informed of what tasks are expected of you, before you accept any given job.

Work is on demand, but we do see a fair amount of work come through, so you will be kept as busy as possible.

Work will generally become available the day prior, however last-minute jobs can come up late in the evening and the morning of.

When an appropriate job comes through, you will be contacted by your manager and then receive the required details via text. Please see below for an example:

For Monday:
ABC Construction
Site address: 405 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC
Site contact: Joe Bloggs – 0401 222 333
Start time: 7:00am (arrive 15 mins early for induction)

For further information and to report time worked, please follow this link:

Full PPE and white card
Can you confirm this is okay?

Please check details in the job text and then confirm your acceptance by responding to the message.

Shifts are most common during the working week (Monday – Friday) and will follow standard construction hours (7:00am – 3:30pm with a 30-minute unpaid break). Please note, we have a 4-hour minimum pay.

Either part time, full time or casual.

If you are part-time or full time you will have guaranteed hours of work and accrue annual leave and personal leave. If you intend to resign, you must provide two weeks’ notice as per your contract. If you fail to provide this, your employer may withhold your wages for the duration of your notice period.

If you are casual we ask that you communicate your availability regularly. If you do intend to take time off work, we do appreciate ample notice.

Pay Questions

We run on 7 day pay cycles, with our work weeks being Monday – Sunday.

Pay day falls every Thursday and you are always paid for work completed the week prior.

You will receive an hourly rate (please refer to you worker manager for your rate) plus 9.5% superannuation.

Superannuation in Australia is the arrangement put in place by the Government to accumulate funds for retirement. Your employer generally pays up to 9.5% of your ordinary time earnings (OTE) into your super account, in addition to your salary.

There are various Superannuation companies you can set up a fund with. We usually recommend researching options online to determine which company will be the best fit for you.

For each day you work with us, you will receive a daily travel allowance of $17.43. This will be automatically paid to you each week and will be reflected on your payslip.

If you work a day which is 9.5 hours or longer (not including your break), you will receive a meal allowance of $15.38. This will also be reflected on your payslip.

Overtime/penalty rates apply as per the award and follow the below structure:


First 2 hours over standard 8 hours – Time and a half or 150%

Any hours over 10 hours – Double time or 200%



First 2 hours – Time and a half or 150%

After 2 hours – Double time or 200%


All day – Double time or 200%

Please note, superannuation is only paid on standard hours and not overtime hours.

Timesheet Questions

Timesheets are all completed online via a weblink, which will be provided to you in the job text.

Each text has a link generated for that specific site, so it is important to make sure you use the correct link when doing your timesheets.

You will complete your timesheet at the end of the day whilst you are still on site.

By completing it on site, you can have your supervisor approve your hours by signing your phone, before you submit your timesheet.

You are required to submit a timesheet for every new site you attend each week.

For example:

If you work at the same site from Monday – Friday, you may complete one timesheet for all days worked at the end of the week.

If you were to attend five different sites across the week, you would need to complete five separate timesheets.

If you’re not able to get your timesheet signed, you do have the option to submit without the supervisors’ approval.

You must inform your manager if this is the case, so we can send your timesheet to the supervisor for approval.

Please be aware, if they are delayed in confirming your hours, your pay can be pushed to the following week.